Which Legend of Tomorrow Are You?

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Which superpowered member of the new team would you be?

  1. Where would your ideal holiday activity be?

    • Skiing in the mountains.
    • Exploring the city.
    • Working at home.
    • Sandboarding in the desert.
  2. Which of the Deathly Hallows would you want most?

    • The Invisibility Cloak.
    • The Resurrection Stone.
    • All of them, obviously.
    • The Elder Wand.
  3. What would be your ideal method of transportation?

    • Wings.
    • A flying supersuit.
    • A TARDIS.
    • A motorbike.
  4. Which of these best describes you?

    • Mysterious.
    • Genius.
    • Sarcastic.
    • Badass.
  5. What's most important to you?

    • The future.
    • Family.
    • Vengeance.
    • Keeping everyone safe.
  6. And finally, which of these is the most important thing a superhero needs?

    • Power.
    • Training.
    • Knowledge.
    • Patience.
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