Would You Survive in the Battle of Metropolis?

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Man of Steel was a very . . . destructive movie. I loved it, but not everyone did (death and Superman don't go well together, apparently). So let's put your skills to the test and see if you would survive the infamous Superman/General Zod fight.

  1. You're calmly working away in your office building on the 27th floor when a pole comes flying through the window! What do you do?

    • Save my work and take my valuables!
    • Help others get out.
    • Get the hell out of there! No time for elevators, let's put those stairs to work!
  2. You got outside safely (somehow) and slowly merge with a crowd watching the Man of Steel and Zod go at it. What do you do when they throw each other through building?

    • Get the f*ck out of there! No amount of YouTube views is worth this trouble!
    • Everyone else is staying, so if they're not scared, why should I be?
  3. The building that the two just flew through is coming crashing down into the streets. You're safe, but what do you do now?

    • There's probably someone trapped in the debris, I should go save them
  4. You run to where your car was, but you see that it's all crushed! What do you do?

    • Call 911! Their job is to SERVE and protect, right?
    • Call my insurance company! It might not matter right now, but tomorrow this is going to be a real hassle!
    • Call a taxi! I'm getting out of here, no matter how long it takes.
  5. You're safely out of the city, and on the way to your suburban home. What do you do?

    • Text some people I'm fine and hit up my lawyer. Someone's got to pay for this.
    • Get out of the car and take photos of Metropolis. It's not everyday this kind of thing happens.
    • Call everyone I know and tell them I love them, I could still die you know!
  6. It's the day after everything went down in Metropolis. Zod is defeated, and rubble is being cleared up. What do you do?

    • Move. Fast. Even Gotham would be better than this!
    • Get a place closer to the city, that's where the action is (literally)
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