Do You Have What It Takes To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

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How long will you survive? Two months? An entire year?

  1. What would be your preferred weapon for slaying zombies?

    • Crossbows are great. Quiet and the ammo is reusable.
    • Handgun for sure. Agile and I can keep my distance.
    • Baseball bat. Killing zombies is now a sport. Batter up!
  2. What's more important: food or water?

    • Water all the way. Gotta stay hydrated.
    • Both! I need something to wash down my can of baked beans!
    • Food. I'm going to be burning a ton of calories running from the undead!
  3. As a kid you did which most?

    • Stayed inside and play video games.
    • Outdoor activities like sports and paintball.
    • Went outside everyday to climb trees and run around in the woods, but would play video games when the weather turned ugly.
  4. Are you squeamish or do you have a tough stomach for all things gross?

    • I grew up eating some odd stuff. My stomach can take anything.
    • Depends. I don't like blood...
    • Absolutely squeamish. I have a weak stomach in general.
  5. You notice a horde of zombies in the area. What do you do?

    • Try to move past while doing my best zombie impression.
    • Get their attention and load 'em full of lead!
    • Move silently through the area as best I can.
  6. Uh oh, someone has been bitten in your group. What actions do you take?

    • Wait and see if they turn.
    • Amputate the area if possible. Wait and see what happens.
    • Take no chances. Sorry, Billy, you've gotta go.
  7. What's your preferred method of transportation?

    • Find a sports car some once wealthy dead guy left behind. Always have to do things in style!
    • Bicycles are awesome! I'd keep it stealthy, lightweight and maneuverable,
    • On foot and stealthy like. Vehicles need fuel to function.
    • Trucks are great. They're rugged and made for all terrains.
  8. Would you travel by day or night?

    • Nighttime. The dark makes me invisible.
    • Doesn't matter, thinking before acting is always most important.
    • Daytime. I need to see what I'm doing.
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