Which Leading Man from 'Jane The Virgin' Should You Pick?

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This week's episode of Jane the Virgin left us on the edge after Jane shared a surprise kiss with one of her two major flames. The leading men of the show have been winning our hearts for a while now, but which one would you actually be able to deal with when it comes to making The Big Decision?

  1. Is he truthful?

    • Yes! I think. I'm having trouble trusting him. His life is just really crazy.
    • He hides things that he thinks I won't like hearing. I'd rather he didn't.
    • Almost painfully so. Like, I'm pretty sure he confessed disliking dogs to my dog. But he has secrets in his past...
  2. Everyone has faults. Which would you be willing to work with?

    • I'm willing to work on his problems with the truth. Because, man, he's got some problems!
    • His immaturity. He wants very grown-up things, but he's not quite as ready for them as he thinks he is.
    • His ego. *Someone* has to keep it in check...
  3. When push comes to shove, what does he excel at the most?

    • He isn't afraid to show his soft side, even in the face of competition for me.
    • He's pretty accomplished, and he's very generous when it comes to helping others out with what he has.
    • He's always there to support me, to listen, and to give good advice.
  4. What was he like when he was younger?

    • Wild, enthusiastic, and goal-driven. He still is!
    • Total. Playboy. Millionaire. Ugh.
    • Kind of a nerd, but an incredible friend.
  5. Describe your ideal guy in one word.

    • HAWT.
    • Reliable.
    • Adventurous.
  6. Does he get along with your family?

    • I'm pretty sure my mom would date this guy.
    • I think they'll warm up to him... maybe. Someday. I hope.
    • Oh, absolutely. They really like him!
  7. Do your schedules work well together?

    • Well -- not exactly -- what I do doesn't have a set schedule, and he's busy. Somehow, though, we make it work.
    • Always! He has a set schedule and mine goes right with it.
    • His schedule is sporadic, so we live very "day-by-day".
  8. How is he about being on time?

    • He's great at being on time!
    • Regardless of when he arrives, he always makes sure everybody knows.
    • I'm sure he means to be on time, but really, he sucks at it.
  9. If you eventually do get married and decide to start a family, do you think he'd be ready?

    • Without a doubt, absolutely. Even if it came as a surprise, I think he'd want it to happen.
    • I don't even know if I'd be ready to even tell him that we're having a baby. I'm scared he might run away!
    • He might be a little thrown off if it came without warning, but he definitely wants a family.
  10. Uh-oh. His ex just showed up. How does he handle it?

    • TERRIBLY. I think he's crying. Oh god. Don't cry! Let's get ice cream!!
    • He may still be sweet to her, but he's also focused on me now. I'm not worried!
    • He thinks he's handling it really well, but I'm about to haul up and leave.
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