Quiz: Which Iconic Sitcom Family is Your Family?

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Find out which TV family most resembles your own!

  1. First off how big is your family?

    • Large and we don't get along!
    • Small but still too many!
    • There's so many of us I never have space or free time to myself!
    • We're spread out, and we still see each other too often.
  2. What does your family like to do week-to-week?

    • Outrageous and expensive shenanigans! Like seriously expensive. How we have money is beyond me....
    • The girls and the boys are usually clashing and Mom and Dad are trying to have us all get along!
    • My parents work too many jobs to keep us afloat so I hardly see them.
    • We mostly argue about what to watch on TV.
  3. What kind of family vacations do you go on?

    • None...we don't really want to spend time together if we don't have to.
    • Pretty elaborate. We travel all over the country, and a few places around the world!
    • We're always too broke for vacations.
    • All over the world; we never go somewhere twice....but that's mostly because we always get in trouble and get banned from ever going back!
  4. Does your family embarrass you often?

    • I just pretend I don't know them in!
    • Sure, but that's normal!
    • Fairly often
    • I actually refuse to go outside with them...
  5. What's your parents best qualities?

    • They definitely love each other....if you know what I mean....
    • Work Ethic
    • Honesty
    • Shenanigans and Stupidity!
  6. How did your parents tell you about the birds and the bees?

    • Very uncomfortably
    • I walked in on them.....
    • They talk about it in graphic detail
    • They didn't.
  7. How much money does your family have?

    • We must have billions because of all the trouble we get into, but I honestly don't know!
    • We have enough to get by, but nothing for anything fancy!
    • We pretend to have a lot....but there's secretly nothing there!
    • Nothing. There's not even enough money for bills fairly often!
  8. Who do you seek advice from?

    • Mom!
    • Our family's patriarch is Grandpa, and he's pretty awesome and wise.
    • My extended family. Uncles or Aunt!
    • Dad!
  9. If your parents are out of town for the weekend what do you do?

    • Nothing - my siblings would rat me out!
    • Have a crazy huge house party!
    • Crazy adventures with my extended family!
    • Take off for the weekend, probably with my significant other!
  10. Where does your family live?

    • A nice big place with lots of room!
    • A regular community where we know our neighbors and we usually hang out with them.
    • A tiny place in the big city!
    • It's pretty crappy and run down to be honest.
  11. What pet did your family have?

    • A dog! And a cat!
    • A dog, and my little brother!
    • I think we had a dog once....but just for a week.
    • No....no pets...
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