What Sitcom Should You Be Binge Watching Right Now?

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We all have our favorite sitcoms but occasionally we need to watch it in order in binge mode! Sitcoms are usually even more hilarious when we watch them in order and we can appreciate the characters quirks, and catch on to all the recurring gags!

So which sitcom should you binge watch next?

  1. Would you like a teen based sitcom?

    • I prefer work place comedies
    • YES!
    • No, but family sitcom is fine
    • I prefer silly adults
  2. Which of these classic sitcom characters would you prefer as your best friend?

    • Eric Forman - That 70s Show
    • Tracy Jordan - 30 Rock
    • Zach Morris - Saved by the Bell
    • Chandler Bing - Friends
  3. What do you most look for in a comedy?

    • Real heart
    • Lovable characters
    • Quick wit
    • Ridiculous situations
  4. Which is your favorite franchise?

    • Batman
    • Avengers (Marvel)
    • Star Wars
    • X-Men
  5. Out of these, who is your favorite sitcom actor?

    • Neil Patrick Harris
    • Tori Spelling
    • John Lithgow
    • Courtney Cox
  6. What do you look for in a TV show theme song?

    • Short and sweet
    • Catchy lyrics!
    • Montage of my favorite moments
    • A narration
  7. How do you feel about a leading lady?

    • Bring her on!
    • I'd prefer an ensemble
    • I'd prefer not.....
    • As few ladies as possible. In fact let's switch one of them out with another actress and pretend like it never happened!
  8. What is your favorite food?

    • Jello!
    • Pineapple!
    • Pizza!
    • Depends on the night of the week!
  9. Where do you and your friends hang out?

    • The basement
    • Our living room
    • A diner
    • A bar
  10. How extreme do you like your outrageous characters?

    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Very High
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