Are you a Boy or a Girl?

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A quiz about you being a girl or a boy! Be honest people!

  1. Would you rather...

    • Play games
    • Dress up
  2. What type of friends do you like?

    • Noisy, outgoing, trouble maker, skater, loyal
    • Quiet, protective, sensitive, secretive, trusting, loyal
  3. What place would you like to go to?

    • Skate Park or Bar
    • Mall or Beach
  4. What do you prefer to wear?

    • Shirt, jeans, rubber shoes, jacket
    • Silk shirt, skirt, heels
  5. What do you want as a gift?

    • Skateboard
    • Flowers
  6. Which gender do you think you'll get?

    • Girl
    • Boy
Your result:
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