Which Indie Game Should You Play?

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Indie Games have been growing more and more popular through 'let's play' channels on youtube. However, which is the indie game that you should be playing now?

  1. What type of video game genre do you like most?

    • Horror for the win!
    • RPG!!!!!!
    • Action!
    • First Person Shooter
  2. Do you like memes?

    • Eh..
    • I'd rather make them.
    • Not as much as the first guy.
    • HELL YES
  3. How much feels do you want?

    • I didn't come here for feels
    • No.
    • Why would you want that?
    • Um.... what do you mean?
  4. How easily are you angered?

    • I have no idea.
    • I'm more scared than angry.
    • I laugh at my problems.
    • Very easily.
  5. What's your favorite food?

    • Toast
    • Pizza
    • Pie (especially butterscotch)
    • Doritos
  6. Where do you like buying games?

    • Steam
    • Steam
    • Steam
    • Steam
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