Best friend quiz

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Are you and your best friend really best friends?

  1. What movie are you and your best friend most likely be caught watching?

    • you don't watch movies
    • The notebook
    • Mean girls
    • Benji
  2. When did you meet?

    • Middle school
    • Collage
    • Elementary school
    • High school
  3. how much do you hang out?

    • Barely ever
    • I couldn't live without him/her
    • Only at school
    • All the time
  4. how many memories did you two make?

    • None
    • Eh, not many
    • Like maybe 20-21
    • I stopped counting after 100
  5. Do you live by each other?

    • In the next neighborhood
    • Like, the house right next to me!
    • She/he lives in another city
    • No he/she lives in another country
  6. Do you lie to each other?

    • Never
    • Sometimes
    • Once in a while
    • always
  7. Do you share your secrets with him/her?

    • All the time I need to tel my crushes to SOMEONE
    • No! I don't trust him/her THAT much
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