Which 90's Big 6 Anime Are You?

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Ask any fan of anime or 90's cartoons in general, it's hard to pick just one favorite of all time! A lot of factors come into play but it might make things easier if you discover which anime you relate to the most. Take this quiz and see which 90's anime is your kindred spirit!

  1. You're facing a major nemesis! How do you win your fight?

    • Have my friends help me! They always have my back in a pinch!
    • Overpower my opponent! This is what I trained for!
    • Grow into a bigger, tougher fighter! My new skills and strength will surely be plenty!
    • Outsmart my enemy! Nothing is impossible if I just believe!
    • Align myself with strong allies! We can win as a team!
    • Have a slugfest! No one is as tough as me!
  2. Pick a Pixar Movie!

    • Wall-E
    • Toy Story
    • Inside Out
    • Monsters, Inc.
    • The Incredibles
    • Brave
  3. It's time to train! Choose someone as your mentor/guide!

    • An ancient spirirt
    • A hologram of a wise old man
    • A mysterious talking animal
    • A critically acclaimed professor
    • An aged, no nonsense master
    • A perverted hermit who lives on an island
  4. What trait is most important to you?

    • Trust
    • Love
    • Friendship
    • Strength
    • Will Power
    • Teamwork
  5. You were injured in battle! How do you heal yourself?

    • An ice apparition
    • Rest. Not much else to it
    • A hi-tech gadget
    • A specialized hospital
    • Eat special food
    • A magic wand
  6. Choose a game/toy!

    • Legend of Zelda
    • Mortal Kombat
    • Tamagotchi
    • Street Fighter
    • Skannerz
    • Magic the Gathering
  7. Your friend is in trouble! What do you do?

    • Yell and call them names! A little reverse psychology normally does the trick!
    • Step in for them! I'm much stronger than they are!
    • Fight beside them! If they are in trouble so am I!
    • Encourage them from the sidelines! They just have to believe in themselves!
    • Get other friends to help! Teamwork is always the key to victory!
    • Have another friend take their place! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses
  8. Pick a Teen Titan!

    • Raven
    • Robin
    • Beast Boy
    • Cyborg
    • Starfire
    • Super Boy (comics)
  9. Choose an element!

    • Water
    • Dark
    • Electric
    • Nature
    • Fire
    • Light
  10. Inspiration is everything! What do you fight for?

    • To put a stop an ancient threat and protect my friends!
    • To save the mankind from demons!
    • To rid the world from cyber threats!
    • To defend the universe from aliens and crazy scientists!
    • To defeat the plot an evil dark force!
    • To be the best like no one ever was!
  11. Pick a color

    • Orange
    • Red
    • Black
    • Pink
    • Silver
    • Blue
  12. You and your enemy are weak! You have one chance left! How do you end the fight?

    • Befriend your enemy! He/she may be helpful in the future!
    • I'm throwing everything I have into one last attack! Either he/she goes down or I do! Hell, maybe both of us!
    • A combination of of your best moves! He/she couldn't survive this!
    • Use your weapon to launch a special attack! I always have something up my sleeve!
    • After my game plan, anything could deal the final blow!
    • Obliterate him/her with a giant orb of energy! This move always does the trick!
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