The Slasher Quiz

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If you were to unleash the demon inside, who would you kill like? Would you be a Jason or a Freddy? Let's find out. But be warned.

  1. Theoretically, you are in the forest. You hear footsteps behind you. The next thing you see is a blade swipe right next to your head. You do the obvious thing to do in that circumstance: Punch him right in the gabba. He is knocked out cold. W

    • They have to reach me. As I am a doll.
    • I see if he has any relitives (like a sister) and stalk them. Attack him psychologically!
    • Do nothing. Murdering is wrong. Like, I'll call the police. Yeah, the police.
    • I lock him in a room, chain his feet to a chair, slowly fill the room with acid and tell him to escape.
    • Just wait till he is really asleep!
    • I slice him into little pieces, with his own blade. What? If he want's to cut me then I cut him back!
    • Explode it.
    • Swap the blade for a chainsaw. He needs the right matterial in order for killing. Gotta look out for my brother.
  2. Quick! He got up after a punched him in the gabba! Grab a weapon!

    • Chainsaw motherf*ckers!
    • I can't reach the knife. I am a doll.
    • Where's that damn knife?
    • I already have a weapon. ON MY HANDS!
    • I run. I don't kill people. Promise.
    • Hockey mask? Check. Katana? Check.
    • Um... I might need a bit more time to set the weapon up...
    • Explode them.
  3. Well, now he defiantly is dead. How do you dispose of the body?

    • Its too heavy for my little DOLL hands to carry. I get someone else to do it.
    • I would'nt have to because I DON'T KILL PEOPLE!
    • Just chuck it in the furnace.
    • Explode it.
    • I use it in my next trap for my next victim.
    • Slice, dice, and everything nice until its gone!
    • Eat it.
    • Drag it away into the forest of something like that.
  4. Oh noes! Someone caught you! Now your known as a murderer! How do you protect your identity?

    • I already am a mask. You know, because I'm a DOLL
    • A white face with no eyes will do.
    • I hide in the shadows with a cloak.
    • I just explode them.
    • Nothing. I DON'T KILL.
    • I need an apron and leather. And lots of it.
    • Hat and jumper will do nicely.
    • HOCKEY!
  5. A mask is not the best way to protect your identity, and now your in jail. What now?

    • ESCAPE!
    • ESCAPE!
    • ESCAPE!
    • ESCAPE!
    • ESCAPE!
    • ESCAPE!
  6. Now, you are on death row. What will be your final kill?

    • I don't kill people god damn it! Wait, is that a flame thrower? GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME YOU DIRTY HUMAN!
    • I am going to SPACE! MUAHAHAHHA!
    • Sequels! 3D sequels! And a ride at universal studios! MUAHAHAHHA!
    • A somewhat good straight to DVD movie! MUAHAHAHHA!
    • A crappy sequel to a crappy remake by a somewhat crappy director! MUAHAHAHHA!
    • I am gonna kill someone with a hockey mask! MUAHAHAHHA!
  7. When you are on death row, an ispiring director comes up to you and asks if he/she can make a movie about you. Of coarse you say yes. He/she then asks "What do you want me to call it?" And you say:

    • Daydream On Mle Lane
    • Saturday the 14th
    • Drill
    • The Thing. MUAHAHAHHA!
    • Transformers.
    • Christmas
    • The Western Chainsaw Bloodbath
    • Dolly
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