Which 'Toy Story' Toy Are You?

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Have you ever wondered which toy you are the most alike? Take this short quiz to find out!

  1. Which movie was your favorite?

    • Toy Story 3
    • Toy Story
    • Toy Story 2
  2. If you could visit any city in the world, what would it be?

    • Quebec
    • Mexico City
    • Barcelona
    • Andy's bedroom
    • Capetown
    • Paris
    • Sydney
    • Rome
    • Pyongyang
  3. What would you do if you saw your toys start moving and talking to you?

    • Die
    • Play with them anyway...who cares?
    • Take 'em out
    • Throw them in your sister's room and lock the door
    • Scream and run away
    • Sit down and start to cry
    • Engage in deep philisophical conversations
    • Punt them across the room
    • Faint
  4. What is your favorite sport?

    • Dominoes
    • Wrestling
    • Skeet shooting
    • Curling
    • Rodeo
    • Tennis
    • Video Games (that's a sport, right?)
    • Horseracing
    • Gymnastics
  5. What would you do if you lost a friend?

    • Take flight and save them!
    • Worry your life away
    • You had no friends to begin with :(
    • Disguise yourself and go undercover
    • Call together a meeting and eventually do nothing
    • Save a horse, ride a cowboy
    • Be mad but do nothing because you're lazy
    • You're the one who killed him, so celebrate!
    • Hide from reality
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