What CIVIL WAR Team Do You REALLY Belong To?

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Seven questions that will determine whether you side with CAP, or with STARK.

  1. If your neighbor had the ability to read minds, do you alert the authorities?

    • I've known my neighbor for a long time. Why should I raise the alarms? I ain't no snitch!
    • SIRI, call SHIELD on speaker please.
  2. You find out you have the ability to levitate large objects. What do I do?

    • Levitate my car out of traffic and live my life.
    • Where do I forward my resume to join the Avengers?
  3. Your weed smoking ex got a gun and you don't think it's registered. What do you do?

    • He/she hasn't done anything to make me worry.
    • I should have the cops pay him a visit. You never know.
  4. You suspect your co-worker is working here illegally. What do you do?

    • Call ICE and Donald Trump!
    • Someone has to pick the peppers, I ain't hating.
  5. Your favorite Kardashian has just been attacked by someone with superhuman strength. What do you do?

    • It's the Kardashians! I don't give a Sh*t!
    • Was it the Hulk? God, I want to know who it was.
  6. You see Ariana lick a donut from four feet away with a lizard size tongue. How do you react?

    • I love that girl! I want her to lick my donut anytime!
    • That is so damn gross! Where's my cell phone, I'm calling TMZ!
  7. The world finds out that Katy Perry has the power to create fireworks from her body and is arrested. How do you react?

    • C'mon, they don't need to arrest Katy! Let her go!
    • I wonder what Miley Cyrus can do? Someone should find out!
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