What Is Your Superhero Origin Story?

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A personality test to determine the way in which you would become a Superhero!

  1. Would you choose to become a hero?

    • No, definitely not.
    • Possibly, but no one forces me do anything.
    • Absolutely.
    • It's my duty, it was never a choice.
    • Yes, but the thought of a darker path is also tempting...
  2. What do you see in this picture?

    • A mask staring out at me.
    • Death and despair.
    • A performance.
    • A pretty butterfly...
    • I'd rather not say.
  3. What is your greatest fear?

    • I fear letting down those I care about.
    • I fear weakness, strength is survival.
    • I fear myself, I'm the true threat.
    • I fear death, it's only logical. I'll keep running until it catches me.
    • I fear failure...
  4. Do you fight to survive?

    • If it's necessary, yeah.
    • Absolutely not.
    • No.
    • Of course, but I'm usually the threat.
    • I fight so others may survive.
  5. What do you stand for?

    • Peace and tranquility.
    • Justice, honour and morality.
    • Not much of anything.
    • I just do whatever's best for me.
    • I'm not sure I understand the question...
  6. Why are you taking this quiz?

    • Just tell me the damn answer!
    • I'm watching something and the ad-break is frustratingly long.
    • Procrastination! I really have something better I should be doing...
    • I'm just killing time on Moviepilot.
    • Because I'm really interested in the outcome!
  7. What would you do if you were on a street in broad daylight and saw someone being attacked?

    • If someone is in need I'll help them, it's my duty!
    • How dare they attack someone! What the hell are they thinking? Of course I'll help!
    • This is beneath me. It doesn't matter whether I help or not, things like this happen every day.
    • It's the middle of the day, I can't risk being spotted. I'll help if I can, but it'll be difficult to justify my actions.
    • They're on their own, I don't get anything out of helping them.
  8. How would you choose to fight?

    • I rarely have to fight, but when I do it's frequently my own choice. We fight on my ground at a time of my choosing.
    • I find my target and bring them down. If it's me against them then they get put down, as does anyone else who gets in my way.
    • Carefully, I plan and strategise. I pick my moment and strike when the time is right.
    • I strike hard and fast, but if there's a chance of civilian casualties then I'll rethink my plan of action.
    • I'd rather not fight at all, but if I have to or if I'm provoked then nothing will stop me from tearing them apart.
  9. What is your personality type?

    • Choleric: Short-Tempered.
    • Melancholic: Analytical.
    • Is "reluctant to answer stupid questions" a personality type?
    • Phlegmatic: Relaxed.
    • Sanguine: Optimistic.
  10. How was your upbringing?

    • Pretty good, actually. It's after my childhood that things went downhill.
    • I have fond memories.
    • Spectacular, I've lived an incredible life.
    • I survived, barely.
    • I'd rather not talk about it...
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