League of Legends(Your Champion)

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This will be a small quiz!!!

  1. What do you prefer?

    • Money and be famous
    • Be attractive and powerful
    • Αbility of power and revenge
    • Music and peace
    • Fun and Lights on
    • Friends and fun
    • Lonlyness and power
    • Friends and Freljord
    • Lonlyness and mystery
    • Blood and death
  2. Someone wants you to help him/her because he/she is not well!What are you doing?

    • Trying to make him/her feel better
    • Heal him/her
    • Help him/her really fast and then run away
    • Killing him/her.Pain will stop in this way
    • Calling his/her friends or family to help him/her
    • Take his/her money
    • Pass him or her away...
    • Make a joke to make him/her forget the pain
    • Call someone else to pick him/her up
    • Doing like nothing happends
  3. How your friends want you to be?

    • Cute and Gorgeous
    • Bitchy and a blood lover
    • Happy and athletic
    • Lonly and Powerful
    • Funny and free(to express their feelings)
    • Rich and Famous
    • Funny and trustful
    • Lonly and Smart
    • Kind and wit
    • Clever and Powerful
  4. Your main lane?

    • Top,tank sometimes jungle
    • Bot,adc sometimes support
    • Mid,mage sometimes bot support
    • Bot,ADC with a lot of kills
    • Mid,ADC sometimes top tank
    • Bot,ADC with a lot of money
    • Bot,adc sometimes mid mage
    • Mid,mage sometimes bot support with kills
    • Bot,Support sometimes mid mage
    • Mid,mage
  5. Chose an animal

    • Other
    • Fox
    • Dog
    • Giraffe
    • Tiger
    • Parrot(birds)
    • Polar bear
    • Rabbit
    • Kitty
    • Lion
    • Wolf
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