Would Your Movie Counterpart Survive the Apocalypse?

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Are you resourceful or useful enough to live through the apocalypse? Are you not fit to live in the new world? Or are you too useful that your character would be killed off? Find out by figuring out how you would handle these situations:

  1. You see that something bad is going down, something apocalyptic. Who do you choose to save?

    • Whichever family member I can find first.
    • My daughter/son. I can't go without them.
    • I might panic before I can save anyone.
    • Anyone I know I can get to in time to get to safety.
    • Whoever's near me. I don't care if I don't know them or not.
  2. As you flee to safety with your group, what weapon do you choose to arm yourself with?

    • My glock. It's helped me out in many situations similar to this.
    • My handy dandy swiss army knife! It has over 100 different functions!
    • I've been prepared for this since day one. I have a portable weapons cache in my garage.
    • My wit. Because I don't have weapons at my disposal.
    • The composite baseball bat in my closet.
  3. One of the members of your group gets gravely injured. How do you respond?

    • I would tend to the wound and help her with the pain using my vast knowledge of medicine.
    • I'm not too good with blood, but I'll do whatever I can to help.
    • I would stop the bleeding as best I could and hope for the best.
    • I'd jump to help knowing that I only know enough about medicine to stop the bleeding.
    • I'd call over our group member with the prominent medical prowess to assist.
  4. You get separated from your group in a relatively safe area. You see a figure ahead, but there's a chance it's not a friendly. How do you proceed?

    • Follow the stranger from a safe distance listening and watching for someone I know.
    • Sneak up on the strange figure. If I know them, we find the others. If I don't, they die.
    • Double back to find and track my group's trail making sure to keep the stranger in my field of view.
    • Have my gun out aiming at them and call out to them hoping that they're someone I can trust.
    • Use a bird call that only my group would know comes from me.
  5. Your group hasn't had food in nearly a week. What's your solution?

    • If need be, I'd cut off my own arm so we wouldn't go hungry.
    • I'll keep my options open. If anyone else has an idea, they should speak up so we can all agree.
    • We'll find food, I know we will. We always find food.
    • I think I spotted a squirrel a mile back. I can find it again, and maybe a rabbit or two.
    • I'll do whatever it takes. Whatever. It. Takes.
  6. Would you have an animal companion?

    • They do provide good protection, but it may prove to be an unnecessary addition to the group and a possible danger if not fed.
    • If I can find a relatively silent and good-natured animal, then yes.
    • I have a K9-Unit German Shepherd who is trained better than show dogs.
    • I'd have a dog. I used to have one before all of this . . .
    • Oh my goodness yes! I love dogs! And cats! And rabbits! And horses! The cuter the better!
  7. You see a group member being attacked by an enemy. You have five seconds to respond. What do you do?

    • I'm gonna be real honest with you, I'm probably the one in danger.
    • My gun is already aimed at the enemy's head.
    • I'd sacrifice myself for them.
    • I fired my pistol before my group member even knew they were in danger.
    • I'd fumble with my gun and hope to land a shot.
  8. If you found a safe haven, could you readjust to normal life?

    • I would love to try. Maybe settle down here and have a family.
    • Most definitely. It might take some time, but I'd love a good shower and some cookies right about now.
    • No. I couldn't fully readjust. I'd adapt to the new environment, but I'd always be waiting for the next shoe to drop.
    • There is no safe place. This place, these people, this "safety," it's all just temporary.
    • Humans aren't designed to kill. I will most certainly have PTSD. So I can't honestly say if I will or not.
  9. You believe that someone you love is dead but have no proof, what do you do?

    • I accept their passing and move on knowing that they'd want me to be happy. It will of course take time.
    • I'd blame myself. As a result, I would alter my personality and thought process in order to survive.
    • Part of me would die. And there's a very good chance I don't come back from this.
    • I would accept the death, but in the back of my mind they're always alive and I need to find them.
    • I'd believe they're alive until I see a body. I wouldn't ever give up on them.
  10. You learn that your group's leader is evil, or at least more evil than most people. What do you do?

    • I'd give him a chance to redeem himself. If he doesn't, I'll leave.
    • If I can leave without him following I'll do just that. If not, I'm killing him.
    • I'd oust him to the group. We could kick him out of the group without bloodshed. Hopefully...
    • Run away and hope to find a better leader.
    • Kill him. I'm not making Batman's mistake and giving him the chance to find me again.
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