Which Fictional World Do You Belong In?

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From Middle Earth to Panem – take this quiz to find out where you truly belong.

  1. Where would you rather live?

    • In a camper van, that way you can travel anywhere you want
    • In a mansion of course
    • In a cozy house, with a spare room for friends who wish to stay the night
    • In a unique loft apartment
    • In an eco-friendly cabin
    • In a big house with room for everyone you love
  2. What would you rather eat?

    • A big beef stew, that way you can feed all your hungry friends
    • You will literally eat anything!
    • A vegan burger with organic sweet potato fries
    • A full course dinner, masterfully cooked by yourself (of course)
    • Homemade comfort food
    • An exotic dish, maybe something Ethiopian?
  3. What do you do on a Saturday night?

    • Go to the gym
    • Volunteer at your local homeless shelter
    • Whatever life throws your way! Whether it's a party or a book club, you're ready for anything.
    • You spent the whole week planning a great party for you and your friends and now it's time to party!
    • Play video games with your friends
    • Help your drunk friends get home safely
  4. What would you like to read?

    • An interesting Wikipedia article. Somehow you always end up reading something entirely different an hour later.
    • A graphic novel about a misunderstood character
    • An epic story with a brave hero
    • Inspirational self-improvement books
    • A blog full of DIY tutorials
    • An article about veganism
  5. Pick a time and place

    • New England in the 1600s
    • France in 1795
    • New York in the 1930s
    • Northern Europe during the Viking Age
    • London in the 1800s
    • India in the early 1950s
  6. You have some days off. What do you do?

    • Have a Star Wars marathon with my friends
    • Spend time with my friends and family
    • Learn a new skill, like knitting or playing the guitar
    • Get on a train and go somewhere you've never been before
    • Demonstrate for LGBTQ rights
    • Go on a road-trip with my friends
  7. What would you rather drink?

    • Hot chocolate on a rainy day
    • Craft beer
    • Soft drinks, that way you can drive if your friends need a ride
    • Green juice
    • A cocktail you just made up
    • Almond milk
  8. Where would you rather be right now?

    • Volunteering in an exotic country like China or South-Africa
    • In a private jet on your way to your villa in Hawaii
    • At a music festival
    • At a comic book convention dressed as your favorite superhero
    • In a steaming hot tub with a chilled drink, you deserve it after a long day
    • At a fun party you are hosting for your friends
  9. Pick an animal

    • Lion
    • Meerkat
    • Dog
    • Horse
    • Cow
    • Ferret
  10. What would you like to study?

    • Humanitarian studies
    • Bioengineering
    • Medicine
    • Politics
    • Art
    • Literature
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