How Long Would You Survive In The Walking Dead?

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How long would you survive in a zombie infested world?

You woke up in a hospital with a terrible headache and you don't remember anything. Reanimated corpses walk the earth and you are left wandering in this wast desolation. Will you stay alive or join the horde? This is your journey...

  1. The night approaches. Where do you take shelter?

    • Since the undead can't climb, on top of a tree
    • In a tent far away from the concrete jungle deep inside a forest
    • If you find an RV you sleep in that, but the trunk of any car will do
    • You try to find other survivors in the city and stay with them
  2. As you continue your journey you spot a fellow survivor scavenging in an old shop. What do you do?

    • You would approach him cautiously and offer to team up
    • You would ask for his help; maybe he can get you out of this mess
    • While he is busy trying to force open a door in the shop, you would sneak by him and steal his stuff
    • You would wait for a moment when he is off guard and attack him. What is he thinking taking my loot?!
  3. You are surrounded by the undead horde on top of a roof. There is no way out. What do you do?

    • You put a bullet in your own head and save yourself the pain
    • You try to somehow signal for help of anyone who might pass by
    • You go out with one last hell of a fight. If you have to die you will at least take some of them with you
    • Barricade yourself as much as you can and try to wait inside until your food runs out
  4. Where are you headed in the post-apocalypse?

    • To an island off the shore
    • To a big city
    • To a small village
    • To an old army base
  5. Your arm got bitten. What's next?

    • Try to amputate it with something sharp as fast as you can
    • Hide it from the other survivors as long as you can and continue living like nothing happened
    • Warn the other survivors if any that you will turn and ask them to help you through the inevitable death
    • Fuck it! *raises the gun to his head*
  6. You find a pile of weapons in an abandoned warehouse. Which one do you take?

    • Crossbow
    • M16
    • Katana
    • Chainsaw
  7. As you are searching for food among the abandoned buildings you notice a small group of walkers on the street. What do you do?

    • You wait for the right moment to strike them down face-to-face
    • You hide behind the closest cover and wait for them to pass
    • You cry for 'Help'
    • You try to go around them
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