Which Jedi are you?

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are you short as yoda? or tall as vader? find out here!

  1. what is your favorite color?

    • green
    • Red
    • Blue
    • none of these
    • purple
  2. what kind of person are you?

    • kind
    • royal
    • hateful
    • lazy
    • none
  3. you just lost your hand. what do you do?

    • sit there not thinking about it.
    • scream and cry
  4. what planet would you rather come from.

    • Tatooine, because it is hot and I want to face challenges.
    • Hoth, It's very cold and you want to be important for missions and kill wampas
  5. and last, someone made you very mad. how do you take it?

    • If I could, kill them
    • Think about what is going on with their life before I take my anger out on them.
    • Take my anger out on them.
    • meh, it depends.
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