Which walking dead character are you?

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Are you as good a leader as Rick? or are you as loyal as Daryl?

  1. Where would you trust as a safe zone?

    • other
    • A Enclosed Neighborhood
    • A prison
    • A hospital
    • Anywhere that is safe
  2. What would you do if the leader of your group was killed?

    • Mourn their death
    • Choose the leader, i would be sure that my group gets somebody good
    • Hope for the best
    • Take Charge
    • leave the group
  3. How would you react if somebody attacked your group?

    • I would Do anything to protect my group
    • Kill them all!!!
    • I would lead the battle
    • I would calm everybody down then attack back
  4. Where would you go first if the outbreak occurred?

    • Anywhere that is away from the walkers
    • somewhere quiet, i don't want to take of the chance of getting bitten.
    • Somewhere busy, i want to get as much as i can because i want to get there first.
  5. What would you try to find first?

    • other survivors
    • Food
    • weapons
    • family
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