Which fighter you are?

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Let's see you are Goku or Cap or Superman.....

  1. What would you do when you are alone at night?

    • Spend the night outside partying
    • Spend the night alone with some thoughts
    • Study all night
    • Call your girlfriend and spend the whole night talking to her
    • Call your best friend to sleepover
  2. Which you will drink...

    • Water
    • soft drink
    • Chocolate Milk Shake
    • Hard Drink
  3. What would you prefer

    • Killed by a bullet
    • Killed with grief
    • Killed by laughing hard
    • Killed by isolation
  4. Who's your favorite...

    • Gandalf
    • Snape
    • Sherlock Holmes
    • Harry Potter
    • Percy Jackson
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