What Fallout faction are you most prone towards

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Enclave, Brotherhood or maybe plain old Ghouls

  1. What makes you happier,killing Super Mutants, Synthes or the Brotherhood of Steel.

    • Synthes, can't stand em' lookin like us humans ain't right.
    • Brotherhood of steel, they take what they want and leave nothing for us, so i say the Brotherhood.
    • Super Mutants, those things need to be exterminated.
  2. You're caught in a tough situation between saving the inhabitants of the wasteland or your father.

    • All life is limited, but expansion is better.
    • Technology, will be our only key to survival what is one life.
    • Kill all in the wasteland it would be our salvation.
  3. When you first set foot in the wasteland, what did you do.

    • Fall into a problem that's irreversible
    • Get recruited into a big problem
    • Help create peace and prosperity
    • Eradicate all impure life across the wasteland
    • Kill the house, win the dam and take the west
  4. You're facing a legendary deathclaw and you're all out of ammo what do you do.

    • Fight it until subdued, them carted off for research.
    • Tear it apart!.
    • Try run away while screaming Aaron Kimball.
    • Call in some communism.
    • Kill it with all the power of the east.
  5. Mr house tasks you to take care of some business what do you do

    • kill House
    • Conquer everything
    • Kill House
    • Kill the Mojave
    • Kill House
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