Will You 'Survive the Horror' of the Zombie Apocalypse?

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The ultimate Zombie Apocalypse quiz... Will you kill the last zombie in the world or will you be torn into pieces and feasted on by a legion of the Undead.....

This is my first time posting here so I hope you will enjoy. Just for fun. Thank you very much... :-)

  1. What's your weapon of choice?

    • An Ar-15 Rifle and a Desert Eagle with ample amount of ammo. - Reliable, powerful and accurate.
    • A baseball bat. - It won't run out of ammo.
    • A bible and holy water - Because zombies die from this stuff.
    • A combat knife, a pair of Glock pistols, and an Uzi SMG with a lot of extra ammo. - Lightweight, compact, reliable and more ammo.
  2. What's your means of transportation?

    • An upgraded Hummer with metal bars.
    • A premium Ferrari car.
    • A reliable gas-conserving SUV car.
    • My ordinary car.
  3. What will you do if you encounter a large horde of zombies ?

    • Grenade. Fire in the hole! And leave instantly.
    • I'll sit down and cry.
    • I leave immediately and quietly. Safety first.
    • Kill a few and leave when overwhelmed.
  4. You met a group of nasty looking survivors asking for help, what will you do ?

    • Go away quickly and focus on your destination.
    • Talk with them.
    • Just keep driving.
    • Feel pity, and give them food or help.
  5. Okay, you've been through a lot of battle and scavenging. Where are you gonna settle down and build your permanent base ?

    • The church.
    • An abandoned military base with vegetable crops, weapons, ammo and secured shelter.
    • A faraway countryside with spacious farm land and flowing river.
    • The Mall, lots of supplies.
  6. Do you have any knowledge about survival ?

    • Absolutely, I'm an expert in this stuff.
    • No, I'm not like those weird preppers.
    • Yes, I do.
    • Uhm... I watch Bear Grylls so I have some.
  7. Do you have a survival kit and emergency supplies in your home ?

    • I buy extra canned goods and water, and I have some survival tools and equipment.
    • Hell yeah, I have A LOT of emergency food and drinks, survival tools and equipment and a car ready to go.
    • Yes, I stored enough amounts to go for a long time.
    • Nope, it will take too much space in my house.
  8. When you see the news about people starting to eat each other, what will your reaction be?

    • Nah, it's just a prank.
    • I'll wait for official instructions.
    • Find out if it's true. Then, prepare my hummer, get all weapons, guns and ammo, food, survival kit and head out to the countryside.
    • I'll make a plan, gather supplies and secure my territory A.S.A.P.
  9. Okay, so the news you just saw was real, what will you wear ?

    • A black tank top, flexible jeans and high quality running shoes. (With a lot of gun holsters.)
    • I'll wear a loose shirt, jogging pants and a pair of black shoes.
    • A swag shirt, pricey shades and premium shoes.
    • I'll wear a tight shirt, loose jeans and a pair of running shoes.
  10. Do you think you can kill a zombie if need be?

    • I may kill a few...
    • No way, they're too scary for me.
    • R.I.P Zombies with my katana and rifle!...
    • Yes, I think I can.
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