Which Celeb Should You Invite Over for Thanksgiving?

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The Rock would bring the best food and you know it!

  1. How do you act around Thanksgiving food?

    • I'm more into the booze than the food
    • I eat until I'm ridiculously full
    • I'm vegetarian so it can get awkward
  2. Will you be buying anything on Black Friday?

    • Ew, no. It's a gross gimmick!
    • Yeah I kinda love the frenzy
    • Maybe a couple things online
    • What's Black Friday?
  3. Pick a Thanksgiving-themed movie!

    • Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    • National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion
    • ThanksKilling
    • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  4. What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?

    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Potatoes
    • Pizza
    • Turkey or TURDUCKEN
  5. What's the worst thing about Thanksgiving?

    • I always have to work :(
    • Nothing, I always have a great time
    • Seeing relatives I don't like
    • It's hard to keep a healthy diet
  6. When was the first Thanksgiving day in America?

    • 1700s
    • 1500s
    • I have no idea
    • 1600s
  7. What's the best thing to do with a pumpkin?

    • Make it into Harry Potter juice!
    • Make it into soup
    • Make it into pie
    • Carve it into a spooky face
  8. What's your favorite holiday (other than Thanksgiving!)

    • Christmas
    • Fourth of July
    • Easter
    • Halloween
  9. Where are you most likely to blow off steam during the holidays?

    • The gym
    • A crazy club
    • A cozy bar
    • Playing video games
  10. What's the most important thing a Thanksgiving guest can bring to the table?

    • Kindness and generosity
    • Fun & laughter
    • Chill & relaxation
    • Craziness & antics
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