Which Star Wars The Force Awakens Character Are You?

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"The Force is calling to you. Just let it in."

  1. You spend your free-time...

    • Hoping for the future
    • Taking command while feeling worried
    • Wishing to abandon your daily life
    • Fighting for what you believe in
    • Reminiscing about your past
    • Studying your mentor's works
    • Destroying all hope
    • Loathing your peers
    • Completing the work assigned to you
  2. You believe in...

    • Everything you used to think false
    • Being a good leader
    • Being better than everybody
    • The unlikely
    • Changing sides
    • Finding help
    • Safety to all
    • Finding your family
    • Finishing what your idol started
  3. Your preferred weapon...

    • Your very own unique saber
    • Your favorite vehicle
    • Strength
    • Hope
    • Your old trusty blaster
    • Your army
    • A staff
    • Your wits
    • A legend's lightsaber
  4. You are most scared of...

    • Never being able to find your parents
    • Losing loved ones
    • Never reuniting with a/your sibling(s)
    • Not finishing your mentor's mission
    • Your boss
    • Losing a battle
    • Nothing
    • Failing your mission
    • Not being good enough
  5. Your Star Wars "Weirdness" is most likely...

    • Vehicle knowledge
    • All of the above!
    • The creation of stormtroopers
    • Memorizing The Prophecy of the Chosen One
    • Darth Vader fanatic!
    • Getting your hands on vintage merchandise
    • Smart with trivia
    • Droids! Droids! Droids!
    • The Story of the Skywalkers
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