How Well Do You Know Xenomorph's?

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How much do you know about the legendary Alien species? Take the quiz and find out!

  1. When do they usually come?

    • Day
    • Night
  2. What are their defenses?

    • Acid Blood, size and their Little mouth
    • Acid Blood, Aggression , size , Little mouth
  3. How do they travel?

    • Quiet Corridors
    • Vents
  4. How do they breed?

    • Face-hugger inseminates an egg into your chest and an alien erupts from your rib cage
    • They lay multiple eggs and they are fertalised by the males and the Xenomorph's hatch
  5. Are they intelligent

    • No it's really just luck
    • Yes-they react to fire and avoid it, can sense traps and can ambush when necessary.
  6. What is the top of the Xenomorph's hierarchy?

    • A King
    • A Queen
  7. Why do the Xenomorphs hunt humans?

    • Sport and to eliminate competition
    • Food and Hosts for young
  8. How would you tackle a Xenomorph?

    • Flamethrower
    • Shotgun
  9. How would you exterminate them?

    • Leave them alone and let them die out
    • Orbitally Nuke them-Only way to be sure
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