What Makes Your Fantasy Heart Beat? Are You Legend?

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What sparks your Fantasy Heart? Take this RPG quiz to discover more....

  1. You are standing among the flames of civil war--your kingdom, fallen. To the North, a infant cries in the snow. The south is your refuge. What do you do?

    • You find someone to help before seeking refuge
    • Run to find refuge
    • Save the infant
  2. A prophet leads you into the cave of Everwinter to partake in one chosen essence, which of these would you choose?

    • The essence of love and Influence
    • The essence of Valor and Wisdom
    • The essence of Power and Money
    • The essence of Justice and Peace
  3. Choose your Landscape

    • A mountainous landscape frozen in snow
    • A varied region filled with fantastical elements
    • A kingdom defined by its kind and not the world that surrounds it.
    • A world flavored with spices and ocean winds
  4. One of your long standing party members divulges to you in secret that he has been cursed carrying out one of your orders, you...

    • ignore his plight. This is not any of your business. As long as he is loyal and can wield his blade: he is golden.
    • remove him from your party, send him to the Prophets of light in hopes a cure may come....
    • Kill him where he stands. A cursed man is a dead man.
    • Take the curse upon your self and undertake the weight of your actions.
  5. A seer lays your weakness before you. What is it?

    • "The one who carries most--will fall beneath the weight of it, crushing their bones into dust. What good is a man/woman who flesh has been torn from their skin and scattered to the winds of his efforts? One must be whole before he is anything else.
    • "Your knack for self preservation is gilded with the illustrious sheen of gold-- you have lost twice as much as you gained. "
    • "A heart of peace resonates within the soil of your character but in grey light, what can grow? No man can walk two roads. Sooner or later you must firmly plant your feet where you stand."
  6. Choose your weapon:

    • Your tongue
    • I am the weapon
    • Armies of men at your disposal
    • Arrow of the fallen
    • Blade of Light
    • Axe of discernment
  7. Who is the antagonist of your tale?

    • A personal feud that has extended past you, threatening your people.
    • A king or opposing force threatening the peace of the land.
    • A force that threatens not mans skin but his soul.
    • A great famine, flood or plague.
    • If you want to be alive at the end of the great-game, the only side you take is your own: so, me--if it means I have won.
  8. Your mother discloses, for reasons understood even by you--that she has loosely become involved in a plot against your Master, whom you love:

    • You say nothing and turn your mother over to your Master. Loyalty is not a fault and her choice is her own.
    • "Oh woman whom I love, do not you know when you plot against my Master, you sentence me to death? It is through you I have life and through you--I may lose it now. As I will, for to the giver be given its blessings in full. Through this, I am justified.
    • "Mother, I am impressed. let us see where this find us, shall we? Perhaps our position is just such this may end in our favor"
    • Oh woman, why do you stand against your son? What foundation have you laid that you are so quick to discredit? Away with you into the slumbering wood--let us hope you do not die there waiting for this to be over."
  9. What is your companion beast?

    • The grey owl of the Northern Sky
    • A saber-beast from the cavern-shores
    • The great Hart of the Glacial Ranges
    • The Winged-Lion who reigns over the barren region of Windswept
  10. With your dying breath, you utter:

    • "Do not fret, my friend. Look around you: we've won."
    • "I am legend."
    • "Let your will be done."
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