What Walking Dead character are you...

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Are you dead meat, or staying until the next feeding?

  1. In what season did Maggie find out her sister Beth was at Memorial Hospital in Atlanta?

    • You don't know, but love the show
    • Season two
  2. Who is still around from the first season

    • Rick
    • You don't know, but love the show.
  3. In what season was Dr. Eugene Porter introduced?

    • Season 4
    • Don't know don't like him some zombie should eat him.
  4. In what season did Carol kill a kid?

    • When she lived at the prison to protect others from the virus.
    • Season 3 when they ran from the prison incident.
  5. Who was on the walkie talkie,

    • It was Maggie, trying to see if Glenn would answer, she wants to tell him bring home the bacon she is pregnant apocalypse style.
    • It was Eugene...
  6. Does everyone have the Zombie gene?

    • maybe, but some may be immune to the virus?
    • Yes, and if you feed them after midnight they might turn too.
  7. Who is your favorite Charactor

    • Rick
    • you are a guy and maybe in an apocalypse
    • Darlyn
    • you are a girl just not interested in guys but maybe apocalypse
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