How Good Do You Know Your European History

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This is a little quiz to test your knowledge of 16th-17th century Europe!

  1. What did the term Reformation mean during the 16th century?

    • Where the people revolted against Indulgences (payments that would reduce a person's punishment in purgatory) that later contributed to religious and church reform.
    • The secular movement that caused that caused a peasant revolt in England and later formed the Protestant Reformation!
    • The sixteenth-century religious movement that sought to revive the Roman Catholic Church and led to the establishment of Protestantism.
    • A Catholic movement to try and remove the French monarch from English throne!
  2. What was nailed on the door of the Catholic church on Oct. 31, 1517 and who nailed it?

    • The Conciliar Movement, Peter Paul Rubens
    • 95 Theses, Martin Luther
    • Indulgence price raise, Johann Eck
  3. What society did the Jesuits claim to be and who was their founder?

    • The Society of Jesuits, Council of Trent
    • The Society of Jesists, Council of Trent
    • The Society of Jesus, Ignatius Loyola
    • The Society of Troupe, Ignatius Loyola
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