Which Final Fantasy Protagonist Are You?

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Because every fan wants to be like their favorite FF characters.

(Not all protagonists made it on the list, sorry early Final Fantasy fans)

  1. Which of the following is like more you?

    • John Cena serious
    • Tend to be pretty serious
    • Serious with some humor
    • Quiet
    • Stick to just humor
  2. When you and your friends are in a dire situation which is more like you?

    • Tend to bring your friends spirits up, and really make sure everyone stays positive
    • You do things your own way
    • Stay positive for the most part, and make the most of every situation
    • Quick to react to situations, and are the leader
    • Cool, collected, and take things one step at a time
  3. When it comes to getting along with your peers you are...

    • Confident with new people and tend to make everyone comfortable
    • More of a lone wolf and stick to yourself for the most part
    • People suck
    • Very loved and everyone you befriend is a good friend
    • Not good or bad at it because you just let it come naturally
    • Pretty easy to get along with, but are a little distant
  4. What element do you prefer?

    • Earth
    • Unicorn
    • Fire
    • Wind
    • Water
    • Dark
    • Light
  5. What is your confidence level?

    • Difficult to keep confident with actions
    • You just have trouble with taking action and are shy at heart
    • Tend to be consistent in most cases
    • Mixed feelings during certain events
    • Very confident in all actions
  6. How level headed are you? Can you keep your emotions in check?

    • You are an open book/ticking time bomb, and you have difficulties keeping that in check
    • You are as level as you can get, you always have your emotions in check and aren't swayed easily
    • Everyone can tell when you are upset and it does happen often
    • You don't tend to even show your emotions unless something very traumatic happens
    • Very rarely will you go banana sandwich but when you do, the receiving end should watch out
  7. Rate yourself on how indifferent you are...

    • You listen to other peoples thought but keep to yourself
    • You a very tough minded
    • You are a saint and when people need someone to go to for some advice there you are
    • You are neutral, and it really just depends on the day
    • You tend to listen to peoples feelings and want to help peoples problems
    • You are Chuck Norris
  8. On a scale from 1-5 how irritable are you?

    • 4. More times than not
    • 5. You are a WWE Wrestler
    • 1. Not at all
    • 2. Rarely
    • 3. Sometimes
  9. When it comes to pessimism, which suites you more?

    • You are Darth Vader, and you are always on the dark side. The world is ending
    • Not pessimistic at all, always bright and hopes for the best
    • Stays positive for the most part, and generally sees good in most things
    • Tend to see bad results in situations before thinking of good ones
    • Most of the time you are on the dark side and expect poor results
    • You are neutral, you mysterious person you
    • Stays positive, but doesn't really look for the light at the end of the tunnel
  10. Which of the is you favorite? :)

    • Final Fantasy 10
    • Final Fantasy 12
    • Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy 9
    • Final Fantasy 13
    • Final Fantasy 7
    • Final Fantasy 10-2
    • Final Fantasy 8
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