Which DC Television Superhero Are You?

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Could you be The Scarlett Speedster? The Girl of Steel? Or even The Vigilante?

  1. If you could choose a Super Power what would it be?

    • The exact same powers as the Man of Steel.
    • Money and Very good Archery Skills.
    • Super Speed.
  2. What would you do when your not fighting crime?

    • Working with your city's Police Force.
    • Be a personal assistant to a powerful business Man or Woman.
    • Be running for Mayor.
  3. Why would you be come a Superhero?

    • Because I was struck by Lighting and believe I was given these powers for a reason.
    • Because a Family member was in danger and you couldn't watch them get injured or worse.
    • To save my City.
  4. What would your ideal crime fighting suit be?

    • A caped suit.
    • A hooded suit.
    • A masked suit.
  5. What enemy would you least like to face?

    • Damien Darhk.
    • Zoom.
    • Your Aunt Astra.
  6. Who would you say your heart belongs to?

    • To someone you've had a connection with since your eyes first met.
    • To someone you know you can't have.
    • To someone who you've grown up with practically all your life.
  7. If you was to pick your Superhero nickname what would it be?

    • The Scarlett Speedster.
    • The Vigilante.
    • Girl Of Steel.
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