Which Jaws Character Are You?

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Are you an academic like Hooper or an old salty seadog like Quint?

  1. You would rather be...

    • Alone
    • With your family
    • Studying
    • Drinking
  2. At school you were often...

    • In the principals office
    • Absent
    • Hanging with your brother(s) / Sister(s)
    • In the science lab
  3. Your favorite hobby is...

    • Relaxing with your family
    • Learning
    • Swimming
    • Drinking
  4. Your best feature is...

    • My intelligence
    • I can eat almost anything
    • My family
    • My determination
  5. Your worst quality is...

    • I don't care what other people have to say
    • I'm always hungry!
    • My immaturity
    • I worry too much
  6. Most people would say you were...

    • Scary
    • A leader
    • Bossy
    • An academic
  7. Your dream career would be...

    • As a teacher
    • As a councillor
    • Career? Forget it, I want to be retired
    • As an army officer
  8. Do you have a bad temper?

    • I try and keep it hidden, but don't push me!
    • Only when I'm surrounded by idiots!
    • No, I'm as chilled as they come
    • Oh yes! Don't let my broad smile fool you
  9. When it come to teamwork...

    • I oversee everything
    • I like to work alone
    • I'm the one who organizes things
    • I am the leader
  10. You favorite Jaws quote is...

    • It Wasn't Jack The Ripper... It Was A Shark!
    • Smile you son of a bitch!
    • Here's to swimming with bow legged women
    • Der-duh, Der-duh, Der-duh, Der-duh...
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