Are you a villian or a superhero!!

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Are you a Villianeous character or a superhero who is loved by all..... ~by $D

  1. You have the biggest enemy of yours in your hand, you would

    • I will forgive him for whatever he has done to me, if he had done something to the innocent people, then god saves his from me!!!
    • I am a superhero, I end crime not the criminal!
    • If he has done a crime,I would hand him over to the police
    • Kill him with the worst way possible
  2. Your town with the population of 1k people is on fire and one the other side a small house with a man inside is burning down! What would you do?

    • First I would go to save the man in the house, because there is police in the town which can save people for the moment, but this person is helpless!!
    • I would prefer saving 1k people over a single person, so I would go for the town!
    • Ha ha ! I am a superhero I would go for both at the same time!!!!!
    • I would buy popcorns and enjoy the mayhem!!
  3. Which qoute do you find the best!

    • F**k it I am a superhero!! Ha ha!
    • With great power comes great responsibility!
    • With great power comes a girlfriend and lots of money!!!
    • With great power you can do everything irresponsibily!
  4. Your best friend who is also a superhero is turned into a villian and is destroying the city! What would you do?

    • I will go and kick his ass!
    • Doesn't matter if he is my friend, if he hurts people then no one can save him from me!!!!!
    • I will go and talk to him and try my best to change him!
    • He is my friend, I won't hurt him, let him do whatever he wishes.
    • I can do nothing! I will go to the McDonalds!!
  5. You are a superhero! And you are asked to tell your identity... if you tell them u will get $100,000,000!! What would you do?

    • What ever cost they give me! My identity is worthless!!
    • The truth is..... " I AM IRONMAN"!!!! Ha ha !
    • Man I need money!!! I will go and tell them
    • What will the do if they know my identity, they wont hurt me, I will tell them and get the money!!
  6. The last question, it is a tough one!! You are drowning and you dont know how to swim! What would you do?

    • I am a superhero, I can do anything!! I will drown the water!!!!!
    • I am a superhero!!!
    • I would ask for help from any person nearby!
    • I am a superhero, I dont ask for help from common powerless people! I would rather die!
    • I would learn swimming in seconds and swim out of the water! :D
  7. This is the last one I swear!! 2+2=

    • 4 obviously!!! -_-
    • Why should I tell you the answer! Who are you testing me?
    • May be 4, I am not sure!
    • I am a superhero, not a genius!!!!!
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