Falling Skies Personality Quiz

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Ever wanted to know who you would be most like in an alien invasion?

  1. Aliens invade the planet. what do you do?

    • Take the fight straight away to the aliens
    • Get fighters and try to defend your city as best as you can.
    • Try to find a safe place to survive
    • Gather as many people as possible. The more people the bigger the fighting force.
    • Find your friends and family
  2. When facing a difficult challenge, how do you decide what to do?

    • Tactically decide what is the best chance of success.
    • Run head on. Doesn't matter what the consequences are.
    • Find someone to help you. You don't know what might happen
    • Do what is in the best interest of yourself to benifit everyone
    • Weigh up what is in the best interest on everybody and then do it
  3. You find someone you haven't seen after the attack. But they are slowly turning into an alien. What do you do?

    • Take them back to camp with you. You might be able to help them
    • Find any way possible to help them even if it means using up precious resources
    • wait for them to turn, kill them, then bury them
    • Stay with them until it's too late for them.
    • Put them out of their misery with no hesitation.
  4. Whats the most important thing to hang on to in an apocalypse?

    • The ones that you love
    • Family
    • Your significant other
    • Yourself
    • The memories of those who you have lost
  5. You find a small group of survivors. Do you

    • Help them find food and supplies and leave
    • Bring them back with you to your group
    • Give them some of your supplies and leave
    • Rob them clean and leg it
    • Stay with them to find information about the aliens.
  6. Your base comes under fire from and alien group. Do you

    • Defend until your last breath. If this is the end you go out fighting.
    • Plan a way to get everybody out and limit casulatites
    • Find everybody you know and help along side
    • Defend until everyone has had a chance to evacuate and then leave
    • Leave. You think you'd be better on your own
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