How Much Do You Know About Me???????? :D

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test your skills in friendship by getting a good score on this quiz XD

  1. If i was in A horror movie what role would i play?

    • The one who hides the entire movie
    • Main hero/Heroine
    • The one who runs before its to late
    • The Killer
  2. What is my favorite animal?

    • Cat because they are clever
    • Otters
    • Skunk because they can get away easily
    • i don't have one
  3. Why are you taking this quiz

    • own free will
    • i was bored
    • Because i said so
    • I have nothing better to do and i am scared if i don't she will hate me XD
  4. Who is my favorite Undertale character?

    • Papyrus because my puzzles are a master piece! get it! piece! Papyrus: NYEHHHHHHHHHH! Sans: heh heh
    • Undyne cause she's a scary fishy
    • Chara because she is unstoppable and in charge
    • Frisk cause i can get away
  5. FINAL QUESTION what soda do i like?

    • Dr. Pepper!!!! woo!
    • I dont like soda its gross and fizzy
    • who has time for soda when there is video games to play!
    • Eh any kind of mountain dew is fine
  6. If you were mining with me what would i most likely do in Minecraft?

    • Run away from monsters
    • Fall in lava
    • Explode stuff
    • All of the above
  7. if i was in a zombie movie what would i do?

    • Stand in a open field where i can see everything around me
    • take ideas from others to help gather a grip on reality even if they are panicking
    • Become A leader and distance myself before its to late
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