Civil War! Whose side are YOU on?

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It's the question of 2016! Fans are separated as they figure out whether they would fight with Captain America or Iron Man. Be surprised (or not) as you find out who really suits your bill and whether you stand for the freedom of your comrades or the safety of the people.

  1. The company you work for has recently been attacked by an unknown hacker. The head of security believes the hacker is working in the company itself and has gained information only an employee could have. Choose the best option to catch the hacker.

    • Allow security to do whatever it takes to find the hacker, even if that means asking for personal information, researching your background, who you hang out with, and computer history.
    • Allow security to do whatever it takes to find the hacker, but they shouldn't overstep their boundaries. My life is not their business.
    • You don't have a problem with the company searching for the hacker, but when it comes to your personal life being violated you get angry. You leave the company.
    • You protest against security searching your information. That's invasion of privacy and your rights are violated. You decided to get revenge on the company.
  2. How do you feel about Freedom?

    • Everyone needs to be controlled. Freedom does not exist. Everyone has a limit and must be contained somehow no matter the cost.
    • Freedom should be given but laws need to prevent us from becoming too free and causing more trouble and harm.
    • Freedom comes with a price. We must pay that price, no matter how high, to make sure freedom is guaranteed to those who deserve it.
    • Freedom should be offered to everyone and everyone should be able to live their life without intervention.
  3. Would you turn against your country if

    • I would negotiate with them.
    • I would take action and get revenge on whoever was threatening me.
    • No.
    • Yes.
  4. You and a close friend get into a very heated argument. How do you feel?

    • I will try to talk but ultimately they make me mad enough to just reconsider our friendship.
    • I will defend my beliefs. If my friend doesn't respect that, then I won't respect them.
    • I will apologize and try to combine our beliefs so that we are both respected.
  5. What type of person are you?

    • Old fashioned
    • I take whatever shoots me up the ladder of life
    • Technological
    • Little of this, a little of that
  6. How would you feel if your personal information was free for anyone to know? (this includes jobs, relationships, addresses, friends, basically everything about you.)

    • Some information needs to be known in order to get by in life, but it shouldn't be allowed to just anyone.
    • No one needs to know what trouble I've gotten into. I'd never get anywhere in life.
    • Your information needs to be freed so that others can know that you aren't a total lunatic. Everyone needs to know if you have been in some trouble or not.
    • I feel as though your personal information should be only known to you and whoever you feel should know.
  7. One of your friends died fighting for something they loved. The problem is that they are now a traitor in your country. How do you feel about them?

    • Everyone should fight for what they believe in, even when no one else doesn't.
    • They did what they want and they got what they deserved. Serves them right. I don't defend traitors.
    • They did what they had to do. Sometimes violence is the answer to get things done. At least they made a difference.
    • If it's for something they love, that's good. But they shouldn't commit crimes to defend their beliefs.
  8. How do you get what you want?

    • By violence
    • By getting various people and objects to back me up on my argument
    • By being stubborn and never giving in
    • By negotiation
  9. Whose fault is it for starting the Civil War?

    • Captain America
    • Rogue Superheroes and Villains
    • Iron Man
    • Registration/ SHIELD
  10. Do you support Registration?

    • Heck yeah. Who wants Superheroes running around here and we don't even know who they are. They could be villains too.
    • No. Some heroes need their secret identity in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.
    • No. Villains would also be involved. Villains have lives too.
    • Yeah, it needs to be revised so that citizens can know they are safe but their identities are also protected.
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