Whose side would you be on in Captain America's Civil War?

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Would you be on Captain America's side or Iron Man's? Take the quiz and find out!

  1. If you have powers, are you obliged to use them for good?

    • Yes it's my civic duty
    • only if you want to.
  2. Do you think Heroes should have to pay for collateral damage?

    • Yes, we may help people but we still destroy Government property in doing so.
    • No , we are helping people. Money should not be an issue
  3. Is money or love more important?

    • Money. Love will happen if it is meant to.
    • Love. Money can't buy that.
  4. Jedi or Sith?

    • Sith. I see why they would want to have the powers of the Dark side.
    • Jedi. Sometimes people need to governed into the right thing.
  5. Comedy or Horror film?

    • Comedy. Laughter is the best medicine.
    • Horror. It's not true horror, but every movie shows me how to better escape.
  6. Pepsi or Coke?

    • Pepsi
    • Coke
  7. Do you think Heroes should be accountable to Government?

    • No. It is a personal choice whether you help a situation or not.
    • Yes. If you have nothing to hide ,then there should be no issues.
  8. Captain America or Iron Man?

    • Iron Man. If I had that amount of money I would probably do exactly as Tony Stark has done.
    • Captain America. I would try to help humanity as much as possible.
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