Who is your The Vampire Diaries boyfriend?

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Damon, Kai, Matt, Stefan, Jeremy, Tyler, Klaus and Alaric... who is your dream boyfriend??

  1. You are usually attracted to the

    • Mysterious
    • "Responsable"
    • Kind
    • Jealous
    • Devil
    • Bad Boy
    • Normal guy
    • Protective
  2. How would you like to meet him?

    • As a guy you've met in the bar
    • As your BFF little brother, who is super sexy BTW
    • As your enemie, that you fall in love with
    • As the new, but oooolllddd, guy in town
    • As a not so close friend of yours
    • As being your good friend, who you've known since midle school
    • As the new student in your school
    • As someone you don't really like at first, but love grow.
  3. Which supernatural creature you find most attractive?

    • Hybrid
    • Ghost
    • Traveler
    • Witches
    • Werewolves
    • Doppelgangers
    • Human
    • Vampires
  4. Is your dating anniversary and you find your boyfriend drunk lying on the sofa, what do you do?

    • Stares at him with a frown while he apolagizes
    • Help him
    • Leave him talking to himself
    • Give him a huge speech about how he messed it all up AGAIN
    • Freak out
    • Go to a party and cheat on him
    • Start making out with him
    • Join him
  5. Are you the jealous?

    • No, I know he loves me
    • YES
    • Sometimes
    • I don't know, he doesn't care much
    • Hell yeah! He is hot, every girl would give anything to make out with him. HE IS MINE!
    • No, but I would die if he cheated on me
    • Maybe, he had been in a lot of relationships, I'm a little insecure...
  6. What kind of humor do you look for in a man?

    • Sarcastic
    • Drunk humor
    • Funny when he is being mean
    • Bad humor
    • Mean Humor
    • Dirty humor
    • Humor has it time
    • He doesn't have to be funny
  7. Which of these flaws could you deal with?

    • Too protective
    • Constant change of mood
    • Works too much
    • Sociopath
    • Mean
    • Drinks a lot
    • Cheats on you
    • Selfish
  8. You and your boyfriend are at a party with your friends and a guy tries to kiss you, how does your boy reacts?

    • He smashes the guy's brain with his powers
    • He starts screaming with the guy
    • He exposes the guy to the whole party
    • He starts a fight with the guy
    • He gets furious and tries to kill the guy after the party is over, without you knowing
    • He takes you home and stays with you
    • He warns the guy to not do that again or there will be consequences
    • He politely goes take satisfaction with the guy
  9. Which profession does your boy has?

    • He is sherif in your town, loves to protect others
    • He is a teacher, loves to teach others
    • He is a detective, loves to unsolve crimes
    • He is an athele, loves to keep moving
    • He is an artist, loves to put his emotions out on the white screen
    • He is a mechanic, loves to help
    • He is a politician, loves power
    • He is a hunter, loves to hide and then ATTACK!
  10. Which Mystic Falls event would you most like to attend with your boyfriend?

    • Any celestial event
    • The original's family ball
    • A masquerade ball
    • The historical society tea party
    • the school camp fire of the beginning of the semester
    • A party wouldn't be a bad idea!
    • Mystic grill is fine to us
    • A carnival
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