Which Doctor Who Companion Are You?

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Out of all the modern Doctor's companions, which one are you?

  1. What Is Your Greatest Trait?

    • Loyal
    • Smart
    • Fun
    • Witty and Crazy
    • Kind
  2. What Is Your Weakness?

    • Cute Guys
    • Family
    • Seeing anyone in pain
    • Not being able to see the person you love
    • Seeing the Doctor in pain
  3. Where Would You Like to Travel?

    • No where. Everywhere is scary
    • Other galaxies. The whole universe
    • Anywhere. I want adventure
    • The future
    • Old times
    • Weird planets
  4. What Do You Look For in Men/Women?

    • Loyalty
    • Nothing really. Friendship only.
    • Weird
    • Someone to care of me
    • Someone smart and amazing
  5. Would You Die For The Doctor?

    • Yes
    • No
  6. What Would You Give Up For The Doctor?

    • My old town
    • My career
    • My old boring life
    • My family and friends
  7. Where Would You Prefer Living?

    • A community
    • A modern, eccentric home about a mile away from town.
    • A small cottage with my family
    • Modern home right next to town
    • Apartments
  8. Do You Love Traveling With The Doctor?

    • Yes, but sometimes I might need a break
    • Sometimes
    • Of course
  9. Why Are Accompanying The Doctor?

    • He crashed into my house
    • Accompanying him with my girlfriend/boyfriend
    • He just saw me and we felt a connection
    • We were investigating something about aliens
  10. What Are You Fighting?

    • Sontarans
    • Daleks
    • Weeping Angels
    • Weird Vampires
    • Cyborgs
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