What Character From Lost are You??

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This is the absolute WORST quiz ever!! You will never find out what character from Lost you are! Just run away!!!

  1. When engaged with a disastrous issue, what is your regular reaction?

    • Pull a Star Lord and break out into your best moves hoping not to die.
    • Don't worry dude! I'm spry!
    • To put on some blue war paint and stand bravely before hardship.
    • Let someone else handle it. It's too much work. Besides, you're too busy watching Studio C on Youtube!
    • Probably just die. I'm weak.
    • Use the Force..because the Force DOES work like that!
  2. What's your favorite pizza?

    • Macadamia nut!
    • I like everything! I like sausage, I like avocado, I like Disney Land, I like Shawn and Gus, I like dryers! ....I like EVERYTHING!!!!!!
    • I'm gonna go old school and say pepperoni!
    • ALL THE PIZZA!!!!!!!
    • What is this pizza you speak of?
    • I'm simplistic and don't have preference in hardly any situation. That being said, I choose plain cheese.
  3. Who's your favorite superhero?

    • batman
    • I don't have one. I AM the superhero!
    • ALL THE SUPERHEROES!!!!!!!!!!
    • ...........Darkhawk..............duh
    • Michael Jackson be the only hero I need!
    • The one guy.
  4. Pick one.

    • Chuck Norris and Superman had an arm wrestle. The loser had to wear his underwear on the outside!
    • Chuch Norris checks his Facebook status on a typewriter!
    • Grey-Hulk flexed. Chuch Norris flexed and made Grey-Hulk turn green with jealousy!!!!
    • Rhett and Link's epic rap battle of manliness!
    • Chuch Norris...nuff said...
    • Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he never cried!
  5. What's the best website in your opinion?

    • eelslap.com
    • emergencyyodel.com
    • moviepilot.com
    • moviepilot.com
    • moviepilot.com
    • moviepilot.com
  6. Favorite color?

    • I greatly appreciate a wide spectrum of the spectrum...just not orange.
    • ALL THE COLORS!!!!!!!
    • Why do you care?
    • Red, white, and blue baby!! 'Merica!!!
    • Studio C: The Crayon Song Gets Ruined
    • purple
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