Which Disturbing Horror Movie Should You Watch?

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There are no joke options here. You will be disturbed.

  1. After watching a horror movie, do you have to sleep with the light on?

    • Not since I was a kid
    • No, but I sometimes watch something less scary before bed!
    • Yes, I do still do that sometimes
    • Pffft, no!
  2. Which of these things would you put in your mouth for a thousand bucks?

    • Literally anything, bring it on
    • A dead moth
    • Ew. Nothing.
    • Some pretty horrible things, I need the cash
  3. You've just accidentally murdered someone. Where do you hide the body?

    • I'd confess to the police
    • Tied to a rock, in a river
    • I'd dissolve it with lye
    • I'd dig a grave in the woods
  4. What's the most recurring theme in your nightmares?

    • Someone I love dying
    • Being chased
    • Falling
    • My teeth falling out
  5. Which of these terms for a bodily fluid freaks you out the most?

    • Discharge
    • Mucus
    • Spooge
    • Pus
  6. Which of these words describes you when watching a horror movie?

    • Chill
    • Happy
    • Jumpy
  7. If you were dismembering a body, which limb do you remove first?

    • An arm
    • A head
    • A leg
    • That's too horrible to think about
  8. Choose a form of medieval capital punishment to observe as a spectator:

    • Breaking on the Wheel
    • Burning
    • Hanging
    • Decapitation
  9. Are the GIFs in this quiz disturbing you?

    • Ew, yes, I really don't like them
    • No, it takes a lot to bother me
    • What's a GIF?
    • A little
  10. How old were you when you first saw a horror movie?

    • 10 - 15
    • I can't remember
    • Older than 15
    • Under 10
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