Which Quentin Tarantino Character Are You?

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Like violence? Blood? Cursing? Out of order storylines? This quiz is for you!

  1. You come across an old friend that betrayed you once in the past. Do you...

    • Explain to him just how much he hurt you before you kill him. Slowly.
    • Kidnap him and hold him for ransom.
    • Goad him into a fight and then kill him
    • Torture him before finally finishing him off.
    • Immediately shoot him in the head.
  2. You've been sent to kill a woman. You track her down and find out that she recently discovered she is pregnant. What do you do?

    • Help her fake her death and gain a new identity.
    • Bring her to your boss and leave her fate in his hands.
    • Shoot her and leave.
    • Try and find out why your boss wants her dead and decide based upon what has to be done.
    • Confirm that she is pregnant and leave.
  3. What is your drug of choice?

    • A can of snuff.
    • A cold beer.
    • Revenge.
    • Heroin.
    • A tobacco pipe.
  4. What is your biggest fear?

    • Not completing your goals.
    • An overdose.
    • Being wronged by those close to you.
    • Evil governments.
    • Racism and predjudice.
  5. What time period would you most want to live in?

    • The 1880's
    • The early 1990's
    • The 1860's
    • The early 2000's
    • The 1940's
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