Which Hunger Games Man Would You Marry?

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The daring Gale, the sweet Peeta, or maybe the flirtatious Finnick? Hmm...

  1. As a couple, you are going out to eat. How do you decide where to go?

    • Somewhere with alcohol. Like anywhere with alcohol.
    • Anywhere we can be close... and intimate.
    • Anywhere my enemies dine. I have special plans for them.
    • He always lets me pick, he's sweet like that.
    • I'll let him choose, he is the man after all.
  2. What would you choose as your first date?

    • Wine tasting?
    • An art exhibition, somewhere we can bond and express ourselves.
    • Maybe a club, dancing of some sort. To get some kind of closeness.
    • Something outdoors, maybe hiking!
    • Paying a visit to some enemies of mine...
  3. What would you say is the most important quality for someone to possess?

    • Bravery.
    • Good taste in alcohol.
    • Selflessness.
    • Power.
    • Compassion.
  4. What is one of your favorite hobbies?

    • Drinking.
    • Outdoor sports.
    • Getting revenge.
    • Listening to gossip.
    • Baking.
  5. How do you feel about hunting?

    • I'm not a huge fan of it.
    • I do it often.
    • Sometimes it's necessary to survive.
    • That's too much thinking, let's get to drinking.
    • My enemies down? Yes.
  6. Where is your dream vacation destination?

    • A nude beach!
    • A hunting trip in the mountains!
    • Somewhere with beautiful, calming scenery.
    • Somewhere with an open bar.
    • I don't have time to think about vacations.
  7. Is family important to you?

    • Important, yes. But not as important as having power.
    • I'll do anything to take care of my family.
    • Of course it is!
    • I don't have any family.
    • Yes it is, but so are other people around us.
  8. Are you loyal?

    • Loyalty gets you nowhere.
    • To those I can truly rely on, yes.
    • I'm loyal to my family, and my cause.
    • I try to be. But people come and go.
    • Of course, I'd give up anything for those I love.
  9. Do you believe in revenge?

    • Not really...
    • Definitely. They have it coming.
    • It's necessary sometimes...
    • I don't have an opinion on it.
    • You don't need revenge if you never let them betray you.
  10. Do you think you would cave under torture?

    • I'm the torturer, not the tortur-ee.
    • I would try not to, for the sake of my loved ones.
    • No way. I'd die first.
    • Probably not... I don't know.
    • Probably.
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