What Batman Are You

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Ever wondered what batman you would be...... Well know you can know for sure.

  1. How do you get in a burning building?

    • Glide through the window
    • Crawl through the ventilation shaft
    • Grapple to a ledge
    • Climb up the drain pipe
    • Drop through the ceiling
  2. Thugs have hostages in a warehouse. How do you save them?

    • Tie them up by grabbing their feet out from under them
    • Throw a fuckin batarang!!
    • Stealthily find a way behind them and take them one by one
    • Distract them long enough for Robin to free the hostages
    • Go in fists and gadgets blazin and beat the crap out of them
  3. Do you work alone?

    • Depends on how severe the situation is
    • Yes I don't need anyone else
    • No even Batman needs help sometimes
    • No I enlist teenagers to help me fight crime
    • Yes I can't risk anyone else getting hurt. This is my burden.
  4. How do you get rid of a bomb about to total the whole city?

    • Figure out a complicated way to save everyone and yourself and stop the villain
    • Fly off with the bomb and sacrifice myself for my beautiful city
    • Evacuate the city and watch it go down in flames
    • Take down the villain just in time to defuse the bomb
    • Let the cops and bomb squad handle it
  5. Who is your favorite Superhero of all time?

    • Batman duh
    • DEADPOOL!!
    • Aquaman
    • Supes
    • Flash
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