Which Horror Movie Villain Will You Turn Into In The Next 24 Hours?

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Do you want to know who your slasher villain counterpart is? Take the quiz!

  1. When would you like to do your dirty work?

    • After midnight, when most people are asleep.
    • Whenever I feel like it!
    • At night, because it's scarier... duh.
    • In the day time. I can see better then.
  2. If you had to choose a weapon, what would it be?

    • A gun, quick and easy right?
    • I want powers!
    • Power tools.
    • A knife, machete, or any long blade really.
  3. What are you gonna eat before you go on your... adventure?

    • A sandwich
    • Day old pizza
    • A candy bar
    • Fava Beans
  4. Are you family oriented?

    • Not at all.
    • Of course! I'm very... dedicated to my family
    • What family? *sniff, sniff*
  5. Which of these slasher movie sequels did you watch first?

    • A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge
    • Child's Play 2
    • Friday The 13th Part 2
    • Scream 2
    • Halloween II
  6. Who do you think won this game of poker?

    • Freddy Krueger
    • Leatherface
    • Jason Voorhees
    • Michael Myers
  7. What sort of catastrophe do you think caused all of these slashers to link up like this?

    • Who knows.
    • Maybe it's a guys night out?
    • Maybe they're going off to fight an even bigger threat.
    • I'm guessing there are too many teenagers for just one of them to handle alone.
  8. If you were a slasher villain, what would you want to be your motive?

    • A best friend or family member was killed.
    • No motive is the best motive!
    • The refrigerator was empty.
    • Revenge
  9. How many sequels do you want in your franchise?

    • 13
    • 20
    • 1
    • 6
    • I just want a trilogy
  10. If you were a slasher movie villain, what would you wear to do your dirty work in?

    • What I have on.
    • Nothing
    • An apron, so I don't get my clothes dirty.
    • Coveralls
  11. How about a mask?

    • I don't need one!
    • I want an overhead mask like Michael Myers has.
    • I can make my own...
    • Facial armor works best for me.
  12. Which horror movie franchise is your favorite?

    • Child's Play
    • Scream
    • Halloween
    • A Nightmare On Elm Street
    • Hellraiser
    • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    • Friday The 13th
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