Which female Naruto character are you?

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You know the Naruto female characters and you adore them. Take this quiz to find out which one you are!

  1. What kind of cloth are you comfortable in?

    • Short shirt with nets and short skirt with nets covering your legs
    • Top and short skirts
    • A top showing your belly button with shorts
    • A nice shirt with baggy trousers
    • Thick long sleeved sweater and baggy trousers
  2. When not on a mission, where would you be found?

    • Konoha hospital, saving lives.
    • The clan family house.
    • The mall and flower shop.
    • The weapon shop.
    • Back in Suna, assisting your brother rule the village.
  3. You are on a mission, the enemy you are tracking down tries to attack you. What would be your counter attack?

    • You bring out your your Giant fan and create a tornado that swirls and swirls him while you have that smug look on your face.
    • You perform mind control on him and make him hurt himself, all the while thinking how cute he is.
    • You bring out your scrolls and unleash a barrel of weapons on him, taking his own weapons too.
    • You hit him with your fists and send him flying hundred kilometers away yelling Yeah!
    • You hit him with your gentle fist and rendering him unconscious and wondering if you were hard on him. [too nice!]
  4. Naruto comes along and asks you out on a date. YOU...

    • You say sorry you cant. You have to buy some weapons and train with Neji.
    • Yell at him and punch him in the face and call him an idiot.
    • You blush... stutter and then faint.
    • You say no no, you cant cause you have to go shopping and take care of your flower shop.
    • You say OK, you have nothing to do but wish it were Shikamaru.
  5. Which guy would you prefer?

    • Naruto, his lovely blue eyes and blonde hair and outgoing attitude makes you swoon.
    • Sai, the calm, smiling artist who is unable to have any feelings towards anybody.
    • Neji, the cold, fate obsessed genius whose father was sacrificed by his clan.
    • Sasuke, the rich handsome lone, cold genius whose family was murdered by his brother and has thousands of fan girls.
    • Shikamaru, he is a lazy guy who wants to sleep all day but he is a genius, an handsome genius.
  6. What is your best color?

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Brown
    • Black
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