Which Faction Do You Belong To In Fallout 4?

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Fallout 4 is full of choice, some might say it is overflowing with the wretched stuff. Players across the globe are faced with many a tough decision as they battle their way through the Wasteland. But the biggest decision by far — that has millions of you out there down on your emotional knees, just begging for guidance — is deciding which faction to permanently align with. So, the question is; when it comes to alliances in the Wasteland, which is the best faction for you (the individual) to turn to?

Help is at hand, we have devised a simple test that is about to make your life a lot easier. Based on your answers to the following questions, our system will deduce which faction best suits you. The road is long in Fallout 4, make sure you choose the right friends.

  1. What are your views on Synthetics?

    • Still undecided - they have not harmed me yet
    • Hate them - never trust a synthetic
    • Love them - crowning jewel in human technology, trust them implicitly
    • They are just as human as the rest of us - I would probably be friends with one
  2. Are you honorable?

    • I respect those around me - we are all honorable
    • Honorable, ha! I take what I need, there is no honor amongst thieves
    • To live with honor is the only way
    • No time for honor around here - but I think I am nice
  3. What are your thoughts on human modification?

    • Heck yeah! It is great, who wouldn't want to be bigger, stronger and faster!
    • I haven't really given it much thought if I am honest
    • I don't mind a little tweaking - if it is for the good of mankind
    • It is an abomination
  4. What are your feelings towards weaponry?

    • I elect specialists trained in using weaponry to protect me; so I don't need one myself
    • Having a gun is fine, just be aware that if you point one at me, I will blow you away with far superior firepower
    • The more powerful the laser, the better
    • Hate them - but In the commonwealth, I have no choice
  5. Which is more important?

    • Peace and prosperity to all
    • A regimented existence - I know where I stand
    • A free society
    • A safe place to call home
  6. What type of world do you want to live in?

    • Free world - all races, species and synthetics live free, together
    • A better world than it was before the Great War
    • Military state - we will all be safe then
    • A government with the populous regulated by police
  7. Do you want to be in charge?

    • Yes, I will rule with an iron fist
    • Nope - not at all interested in that
    • Only if I could use this position for the good of mankind
    • Being in charge is the only way I can ensure the future's stability
  8. Which best describes you?

    • hmm, I'll Google it
    • Adventurous
    • Off the chain!
    • Here to help
  9. Technology:

    • Not important at all to me
    • As long as I have my health I will be fine
    • If it is there great, if not, this big gun will work just as well
    • I cannot live without my tech!
  10. Are you what they call a 'wanderer'?

    • Only if I have my maps app, full battery, and wifi
    • Cha! I wrote that 'wanderer' song! I go around, around, around...
    • Home is where the heart is. I go as far as the gate
    • I do what I have to do. I will take a stroll into the Wasteland
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