Which Batman Villain Are You?

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The Dark Knight himself is set to battle Superman in a few months, but after that he'll have plenty of villainy to worry about. The question is, which villain are you? Will you be the criminally genius Riddler, or will you be the classical psychotic Joker? There's only one way to find out!

  1. Before you can fight the Bat, you must first catch the Bat. How would you do it?

    • Don't worry. Batman will come to me.
    • Orchestrate a perfectly planned meet-up. He'll never see it coming.
    • Start on one end of Gotham and start working my way through.
    • Just start robbing banks. There's no way he'll ignore that.
    • Kidnap someone important. He'll surely be hot on my trail.
    • I'll send my thugs out to prowl the streets. When one doesn't come back, I'll know where to look.
    • I'll use my vast surveillance system to track his movements. He's not the only great detective.
  2. How would you fight Batman? Wits or weapons?

    • A little bit of wit, and a lot of weapons. The weapons are mostly for my many henchmen.
    • Weapons bring too much destruction. My wits will win me an untainted Gotham.
    • A few weapons, and a lot of wit. Weapons to wound the bat, and my wits to mentally finish him off.
    • My wits are unmatched. I'll make a fool out of Batman yet again!
    • Weapons of course. The thick blunt ones. They hurt more.
    • My fists are the only weapons I need.
    • Plenty of both. I love to outsmart the Bat but a gun always helps too.
  3. What would you do to Batman if you caught him?

    • Put him through some trials to fully learn his limits.
    • Stick him in a box and forget about him. Just to make sure he stays out of my business.
    • Beat him up a bit just to teach him a lesson, and then show him off to your friends.
    • Have some fun and then let him free. You can't keep fishing if you caught the only fish.
    • Break him down. Show him how weak he really is.
    • Convince him to join your side. He makes a great enemy, but he'd make an even better sidekick.
    • Strip off his mask and show him to the world. Without his identity, he has nothing.
  4. Now that Gotham is yours, what do you do with it?

    • I don't know. There are so many possibilities...
    • Turn it into my own personal amusement park. It's time to have some fun.
    • Weed out the root of the city's problems. It's time for a clean slate.
    • Install your own force of militia to populate the streets while you rule.
    • I was born to rule this city. I will be fair, but cruel.
    • Burn it, burn it all!
    • I don't want the city, I just want Batman gone.
  5. What is your main weakness?

    • I'm very impressionable. I usually follow orders rather than give them.
    • My ego. I know I'm awesome, but sometimes that mindset gets me in trouble.
    • Fire. Duh.
    • I'm too compassionate. That leaves it open for people to take advantage of me.
    • I value size and strength over speed. I don't win many races.
    • Sometimes it's difficult to make up my mind. It's like my thoughts are always conflicted.
    • Weakness? Weaknesses are for masked men with bats on their chest.
  6. What is your main strength?

    • My mind of course. My intellect can rival any weapon.
    • My sense of justice. I don't go around killing when I don't need to. I make things fair.
    • My loyalty to my allies. You fight me, you fight us all.
    • My main strength is... well... strength.
    • My technology and weaponry is superb.
    • My unpredictability makes me the most formidable foe.
    • My kindness. Sure, I may be a villain, but I value life in a way few others do.
  7. On the evil scale, how high are you?

    • Evil? What's evil? I just like to have fun!
    • Evil? Such an overused word. Try devious, mischievous, cunning, just not evil.
    • I'm pretty darn evil. Just ask the voices in my head!
    • I am a necessary evil to rival Batman's so-called justice.
    • I'm moderately evil. I'll take over a city and eliminate those who oppose me.
    • I'm not terribly evil, I just fight to protect what's mine. No matter what.
    • I do what I must. If I am called evil, so be it.
  8. And finally, what is your biggest fear?

    • Pollution. Oil spills, deforestation, the works.
    • The loss of power.
    • Loneliness. I need people in my life.
    • The death of a loved one.
    • An uneducated nation.
    • My biggest fear is too be forgotten. I want to remembered long after I die.
    • Anarchy. The world needs order.
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