Who's Your JLA Enemy?

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Oooh, you're in trouble! Which JLA member is coming to serve you Justice!

  1. She tells her bff that you did what!

    • Hack into her laptop and download all sorts of smut!
    • Send her a virus via an email promising free Selena Gomez tickets.
    • Hack her phone and prank call her contact list.
    • Send her naked pics of her Dad!
    • Stole her purse with all her savings.
    • Hack her social media accounts and post all sorts of vile stuff.
  2. You see a bus full of kids with no driver and the keys in the ignition!

    • Eat that ghost pepper or you'll never leave this bus!
    • Call you parents and tell them to send ten thousand dollars in bitcoin each or they will never see you again!
    • Hey kids, want to know what it feels like to go WARP SPEED!
    • Lets drive to the desert and look for aliens!
    • Lets take a ride to the crack head spot!
    • We're going to see what Mexico looks like!
  3. Time to scare the babysitter and her kids with this prank!

    • Come dressed as Jehovah's Witnesses and make them read "Watchtower" magazines all night!
    • Bust through the door dressed as Jason!
    • Dump a bucket of the biggest cockroaches you can find in the living room!
    • Look, a SNAKE!
    • "WALKER!!! WALKER!!"
    • Unleash the RATS!
  4. You force your church going sister to bear witness to..

    • Kim and Ray J
    • Two Girls, One Cup!
    • One hour of DEATH METAL!!!
    • A man and his burro
    • A woman and her Pit Bull
  5. Time for some mayhem with Harley!

    • Lets FART in crowded elevators!
    • Lets find my exes and make them watch us be very naughty!
    • Lets place huge pizza orders and then cancel!
    • Lets lock a bunch of freshmen kids in a dark room with smelly socks inside!
    • Lets rob the church and make the pastor listen to Slipnot!
    • Lets take a complete stranger for a joy ride into hell!
  6. You see her in your way, and you have a sudden urge to...

    • SLAP!
    • Knock her over, she's in your way!
    • Get in front if her and scare the pee out of her.
    • Throw garbage at her until she falls down.
    • Spit at her! She's worthless!
    • Snatch and Grab!
  7. You see a robbery in progress...

    • Shoot the teller!
    • I'll grab the cash!
    • Grab the teller by her hair and threaten to kill her.
    • Shoot the little old lady trying to cash her monthly check!
    • Threaten the bank managers family unless she opens the safe!
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