Who's Your JLA Enemy?

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Oooh, you're in trouble! Which JLA member is coming to serve you Justice!

  1. She tells her bff that you did what!

    • Stole her purse with all her savings.
    • Send her naked pics of her Dad!
    • Hack into her laptop and download all sorts of smut!
    • Hack her phone and prank call her contact list.
    • Hack her social media accounts and post all sorts of vile stuff.
    • Send her a virus via an email promising free Selena Gomez tickets.
  2. You see a bus full of kids with no driver and the keys in the ignition!

    • We're going to see what Mexico looks like!
    • Lets drive to the desert and look for aliens!
    • Eat that ghost pepper or you'll never leave this bus!
    • Hey kids, want to know what it feels like to go WARP SPEED!
    • Lets take a ride to the crack head spot!
    • Call you parents and tell them to send ten thousand dollars in bitcoin each or they will never see you again!
  3. Time to scare the babysitter and her kids with this prank!

    • Unleash the RATS!
    • Look, a SNAKE!
    • Dump a bucket of the biggest cockroaches you can find in the living room!
    • Bust through the door dressed as Jason!
    • "WALKER!!! WALKER!!"
    • Come dressed as Jehovah's Witnesses and make them read "Watchtower" magazines all night!
  4. You force your church going sister to bear witness to..

    • Two Girls, One Cup!
    • A man and his burro
    • A woman and her Pit Bull
    • One hour of DEATH METAL!!!
    • Kim and Ray J
  5. Time for some mayhem with Harley!

    • Lets place huge pizza orders and then cancel!
    • Lets lock a bunch of freshmen kids in a dark room with smelly socks inside!
    • Lets rob the church and make the pastor listen to Slipnot!
    • Lets take a complete stranger for a joy ride into hell!
    • Lets find my exes and make them watch us be very naughty!
    • Lets FART in crowded elevators!
  6. You see her in your way, and you have a sudden urge to...

    • Spit at her! She's worthless!
    • Snatch and Grab!
    • Knock her over, she's in your way!
    • Throw garbage at her until she falls down.
    • Get in front if her and scare the pee out of her.
    • SLAP!
  7. You see a robbery in progress...

    • Threaten the bank managers family unless she opens the safe!
    • Shoot the little old lady trying to cash her monthly check!
    • I'll grab the cash!
    • Shoot the teller!
    • Grab the teller by her hair and threaten to kill her.
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