Could You Survive In A Horror Movie Or (Plot Twist) Are You the Killer?

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Would you be a survivor, be just another victim or are you the killer?

  1. Let's start with an easy one: You're home alone and the phone rings; you pick it up thinking it's your friend, but it's not. A mysterious voice begins asking you questions, what do you do?

    • Get out of the house, call the police and continue running until you find a neighbor
    • Continue talking to him, it's probably just some jerk from school pranking you
    • Play whatever game the mystery caller has prepared for you
    • Hang up and *69
  2. There's a killer picking off your friends, who is your prime suspect?

    • Your ex
    • Best friend
    • Your boyfriend/girlfriend
    • School bully
  3. How hard do you party?

    • I need all of the "party favors"
    • I party hard!
    • I like to party, but I don't let myself get too out of control
    • Party scene isn't really for me
  4. How promiscuous are you?

    • I'm still waiting on Mr/Miss. Right
    • People think I'm promiscuous, but I'm really not... a lot (I promise)
    • I can't be tied to just one person
    • I have a steady significant other, so it's just them
  5. The killer is blocking your only escape, what do you do?

    • Go for it. You run to the door and hope for the best
    • Trick the killer by acting like you are going for the back door and bolt for the front
    • Stand there and wait for him/her to make the first move
    • Run upstairs
  6. Are you a bully?

    • I used to be, but I've grown up
    • Not really, I won't go out of my way to be mean to someone, but I won't allow myself to be bullied
    • Not at all, I'm usually the one getting bullied
    • Yes, I feel powerful when I pick on the weak
  7. You've taken the killer down, what do you do?

    • I don't know what I'd do
    • Slump down to catch my breath, it's not easy running from a psychopath
    • Stare in shock
    • Get out!
  8. The killer is trying to get in your head, how would you react?

    • Get angry
    • Obviously it will get to you a little, but you don't allow yourself to lose focus
    • Cry... hey, I'm sensitive
    • You can't play mind games with me, I'm the master of mind games
  9. What slasher would you rather face off against?

    • Michael Myers
    • Ghostface
    • Freddy
    • Jason Voorhees
  10. What would be your strategy?

    • Try to stay a step ahead
    • Stay vigilant and try to keep a clear head
    • Fight back, but know when to run
    • Get angry, fight back and hope for the best
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